Happy Heritage Farms is proud to be a breeder of the rare Mangalitsa pig. Our Mangalitsa Piglets for sale, come from our pasture raised Mangalitsa Pigs. Our pigs eat non GMO feed, we also incorporate pasture grass and sage into their diet. Seasonally, the pigs feast on apples, vegetables, and acorns. We choose to finish our pigs on barley, The Mangalitsa pig is a Heritage breed of pig, they are bred and raised for both its flavor and its great tasting meat. The meat is a bright red in color with marbling. Even after being cooked, Mangalitsa pork remains exceptionally juicy, tender, and marbled. Happy Heritage Farms and our Mangalitsa piglets for sale, are located in Modoc County, Alturas, California.


Happy Heritage Farms Mangalitsa Piglets For Sale Modoc County
Mangalitsa Piglets For Sale
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